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$58 intro offer! Includes exam, x-ray, report of findings and first treatment- $280 value!

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Experience the difference . .

that may change your life for the rest of your life.

Incorporating Deep Tissue Laser Treatment along with gentle Spinal Decompression has opened the doors for people with some of the more extreme painful spinal conditions to get relief that lasts !!! 


                       Introducing the Panaflex Healing System 

and New Life Spine and Disc



To Our Current and Prospective Patients:

Are you in pain?  Have you tried everything to alleviate your pain without success?  Are you contemplating surgery? Tried injections?  Had surgery and still in pain?  In many cases, the operations are necessary for proper health and recovery from an injury.  However, we have seen hundreds of paitnes who received operations and injectiont thdy did not need and are still in radiculous pain.  Our Paniflex Healing System is both high-tech and non-force, and most important, proven to be safe and effective alternate to surgery.  You will see we have the best theraputic modality for advanced pain relief and expedited healing times, bar none!  Our New Life Laser delivers soothing, deep, penetrating, phatonic energy to bring about profound physiological changes.  the inflamation is reduced, pa in gates are blocked and the damaged tissues begin the physiological process of repair 3-5 times faster than normal.  This all occurs as the essential healing factors are brought in an the non-essential wastes are removed, with increased circulation at the site of injury.  Thise therapeutic enhancements of the cellular chemistry are triggered by our New Life Laser, making it a truly profound healing modality and experience...

Hello my name is Dr. Barry Klinger. I have been in practice for about 20 years. I am licensed to practice in California, New York and Connecticut. I have established 3 successful family practices… one in Orange County southern California, Hartford Connecticut, and here in Antioch. Antioch Family Chiropractic is my newest all natural drug free chiropractic office and we work hard for you so that you may experience a warm, loving and caring environment. My staff is highly trained and they are well equipped to handle all the necessary paperwork involved with your insurance claims, your workers compensation claims and your personal injury claims. We do all the paperwork for you. I am proud to say that I have also designed affordable cash plans that enable you to get the care you need at a fraction of the normal costs!!!

"In the age of invasive and expensive proceedures, cutting edge chiropractic techniques, such as the ones developed from my years of experience, may help you even more without the expense." The techniques I have developed and adapted to help you are considered to be cutting edge and specialized. It allows me to get to the root of your problem and correct it. Because of these unique chiropractic techniques, patients come from all over to get help at my office. Usually after a careful evaluation and consultation I am able to determine if you are a candidate for any of my successful techniques. Many of my patients have been told by other doctors and chiropractors that they could not be helped, and very often, because of my unique brand of chiropractic, I am able to get rid of their problem.Try my brand of chiropractic. "You may experience a difference that can dramatically change your life for the rest of your life."


There is a feeling of hoplessness after a car accident like mine. I was sitting at home just taking medication waiting to get better. I felt depressed and useless. The more I waited the worse I felt. It seemed like my doctors were beginning to not believe that I was still hurting and I felt limited. The first thing Dr. Klinger wanted me to do was to walk and become active again. With adjustments I was able to move better with less pain and heal well. I can't thank you and your office enough for all the help I got and all the benefit I received. I hope nobody has to go through this but if it happens go see Dr. K.

Nathan K / Antioch, CA

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